Electric Twizy cars visit 18 000 Portuguese students

Electric Twizy cars visit 18 000 Portuguese students

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Electric cars have always been the source of extreme controversy among the drivers of conventional cars. That is probably why Renault has decided to promote their new electric car among young drivers who very often do not yet own a car. Until 23 May 2014 18 000 Portuguese students at 16 universities had a chance to try out the new four-wheeled Twizy.

For those who are interested, Renault prepared two versions of the car. The first is accessible to young people who do not have a full driving license (16+), with the maximum speed limited of 45 km/h. The second version, requiring a driving license can drive a little over 80 km/h.

The students are encouraged to take part in a test drive by a video of Twizy manoeuvring around the… library. You can look for yourself. Conclusions? If you’ve never heard about Renault Twizy, it’s probably because it is so quiet. The designers had to put a special buzzer in the car to warn pedestrians.

Other incentives for the students include a Facebook competition and an option to win a trip to Ibiza, which is shown as the natural habitat of Twizy – envisaged as a silent hybrid of a car and a scooter.


Picture: Renault

A few months ago we had a chance to test Twizy on the road. We remember perfect control of this small electric gizmo. It drives like a go-kart, delivering the same traction as well as bumpy ride.

You can fully charge the car during average two lectures (3.5 hours) and be able to drive for 100 kilometres, before the car needs recharging.

Source: Renault

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