Our eco-driving

Our eco-driving

Our eco-driving

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Our eco-driving

Eco-driving is a car driving technique based on a number of rules created by experienced drivers. Applying these rules makes driving more economical leading to a decrease of costs of using a car. According to our interpretation, however, eco-driving is about safety and sensible economisation which still allows the driver to enjoy the ride. The main factors affecting this style of driving are: proper skills of the driver, roadworthy and properly maintained car, and, what is becoming more and more popular, active and passive electronic driver assistance safety systems.

In Poland eco-driving is still in its early days and most people believe that eco-drivers are crawling road hogs. We would like to change this perception with the following arguments:


Eco-driving is safe because the cars of eco-drivers are properly maintained. Eco-drivers are also able to predict potential dangers on the road and counteract them. The awareness of the eco-driver is built through continuous education, following good practice of defensive driving, simulator training and experience. More information on that topic can be found in our section on Safety, including tips on how to prepare the car for different road conditions.

Ubiquitous electronic safety systems can also positively influence driving. Such systems can be simple, informing about events ahead or more advanced detecting pedestrians, warning about possible collision or automatically sending notification in case of an accident. Most of them can be installed in any car and the return on investment usually comes when the first collision is avoided. In the Test Lab section you will find the results of our research into cutting-edge driving assistance systems which, as you will find out, also may come in handy in case of a theft or during and after an accident.

What we test? We try not to set any particular limits on what we test. If a solution is even remotely connected with the automotive industry and we want to test it, we simply go ahead and do it. So, you should expect unusual topics and subjective evaluations.

Savings can be generated from safer driving allowing to avoid costs related to repairs and increased insurance premiums. Moreover, the driver benefits from higher awareness, optimisation of fuel consumption and less mechanical wear of the car, saving even 300 euros per year on any car. Additionally it is possible to get up to 30% reduction on comprehensive car insurance for installing additional certified safety systems. More on the subject of eco-driving and savings in My Eco.

Fleet management

When operating a car fleet, tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros can be saved annually thanks to safe driving simulator training. Moreover, there are many tools allowing real time tracking of company cars, alerting the driver about potential dangers on the road or notifying them when their driving becomes inefficient or dangerous. Car fleet managers can also check the driving style of drivers and measure fuel consumption in individual cars. The effect of introducing eco-driving and extra safety systems to cars does not only decrease standard maintenance, repair and insurance costs but also positively influences the safety of employees. More on that subject can be found in Fleet section.

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